This pages permissions outlines Allusion Entertainment’s requirements for using copyrighted material from the Allusion Entertainment network of Web sites. The sections below fully explain the following specific uses: using screen shots, linking to Allusion Entertainment Web sites, and obtaining printed or electronic reprints.

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Using Screen Shots

You may use screen shots of Allusion Entertainment Web sites permissions  and other pages in print only with Allusion Entertainment’s permission (E-mail us

Screen shots must appear without any alteration to the copy or graphical images. When using a screen shot, you must include the URL of the Allusion Entertainment Web site and give credit to Allusion Entertainment as follows:

((Picture of the website))

Reprinted with permission from (url here). © Copyright (year of creation) Allusion Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Linking to Allusion Entertainment’s web sites

You do not need to request permission to create a text link from your web site to any of Allusion Entertainment’s Web sites. However, if you would like to use a graphic or logo, you must request permission from Allusion Entertainment in writing.

Allusion Entertainment reserves the right to request the removal of any link without explanation.

Photocopying or other permission requests For all other requests for use of copyrighted material from the Allusion Entertainment Network, please complete the permission form.

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