How do you get a website on google? Let us boost your Alexia & more

How do you get a website on google?

     How do you get a website on google ?  Well we at Allusion Entertainment boosts domains, businesses, products and more. Allusion Entertainment launches you to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines to increase your Alexia Rating. We don’t just do this locally but world wide if needed.  From the moment your campaign starts, you begin to receive 5000 plus possible sales monthly for your product.  Just in case you dont know what your Alexa Ranking is, It is very important and it effects how you are listed on the major search engines above. Expect to start seeing our results in about 7 days and each one of our campaigns typically runs 14 days. In order to stay on top of the search engines you have to know the right keywords for your product and thats where we come in.  Just give us 8 keywords that relate to your website, product page, youtube video page, as well as 3 addresses on the same domain and we will do the rest.

With this Campaign Package you get:

  1. We automatically link you to 4000+ accounts in our network.
  2. Submit your website to {minimum} 2000 blog networks nationwide and world wide.
  3. Submit your website to {minimum} 2000 rss feeds
  4. Link you with all of our clients websites as well as their networks
  5. Receive Numerous backlinks.
  6. Receive a minimum of 1000 visitors to your website each hour.
  7. Receive detailed reports of accounts created, links, and all work done.

     With Allusion Entertainment,  you see how we are boosting your website in our detailed reports.   Please remember that in order to keep your rank after you reach #1 month after month, you must continue to submit campaigns.  In order to stay ahead in a ever changing internet world, keywords change as well as submission requirements. Let Allusion Entertainment be your 1st choice at keeping you ahead of the competition!

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How do you get a website on google
How do you get a website on google